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  • Long Week

    I am going to take care of myself this weekend. I hope others do too! I am participating in the March Slice of Life Challenge: A slice a day for all of March. Thank you, Two Writing Teachers! Readers, check out their site, and start slicing! This is my first year participating!

  • Grilled Cheese

    When I’ve had a long day, grilled cheese is an easy thing to make.  It’s easy and I always have the ingredients. When it’s late and I’m hungry,  it doesn’t take long to make. It’s warm and gooey and always tastes delicious.  Did I mention it also goes well with a glass of red wine?…

  • Difficult Day

    I woke up early and thought it was going to be a nice day.  Unfortunately it was colder than I thought it was supposed to be.Fortunately I wasn’t outside much.Unfortunately there was an active shooter threat near our community.Fortunately it was a “swatting incident” and not “real”.Unfortunately people were emotionally traumatized.Fortunately there are supports in place.Unfortunately…